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With the success of enamel sign advertising, cardboard and tin advertising memorabilia, advertisers soon sought other means to advertise their products.In the 1900's advertising onto mirrors soon became with products such as cigarettes, alcohol, soap, grocery items e.g. chocolate (Cadbury's, Fry's Chocolates), Pears soap became fashionable to be displayed not only in the inside of shops, but pubs, hotels and freehouses.


As an interesting read on advertising mirrors click onto to read a more in-depth history.  


Advertising mirrors, especially pub and chocolate mirrors are highly sought after in their original frames and fetch a high price tag due to their rarity and quality.  


Some of our own fine examples can be seen here. Costs for mirrors is dependant upon their size, quality of frame e.g. oak, patina, scratches, chips, cracks and packaging costs are higher due to the mirror fragility. Bowerbird Pickers recommends professional packaging and freight to include insurance to decrease risk of any breakages.

The History of Advertising Mirrors

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