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A year on still haven't beaten the dreaded #Hashtag!

A year on now and our small "hobby" business has certainly grown in leaps and bounds - thank you to all who have supported Bowerbird Pickers!

What a learning curve this year has been in regards to learning all the in's and out's of social media which included the ### (Hashtag) language! In a business like ours that is so specific, it is interesting and sometimes amusing the hash tags people use. I can hear our daughter's moans and groans "Oh no mum you REALLY cannot use that #!". This gives me the drive and motivation to try and grasp this so called # language!

Online businesses today need effective and clever marketing of their products to succeed in "getting their product/service" out in the elusive online buying world. Social media like Instagram and Pinterest are businesses social media's "besties".

I recall one night trying to learn # and putting up one of our 1950's Tobacco enamel sign's on Instagram, whereby I hash tagged "smokin hot" ..... needless to say, I did not use that # hashtag again given the results I found!

So, a year on, I am getting better at these things called Hashtags (I think!)? and thank you to all our Insta and FB followers for making this year's journey a great one #thankstoall #sharethehastag #conqueredthehashtag

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