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Advertising Mirrors & Enamel Signs in Interior Design

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

In recent years we’ve seen a mainstream revival of interest in vintage memorabilia of all kinds. No longer are vintage signs and advertising mirrors the reserve of a few specialist collectors. Instead, more and more people are seeing the stylistic benefit of using old signs and antique mirrors in their interior design. 

There’s good reason for this; the many different designs and brands that can be found give a wide variety of choice, and they can help to display your personality. Whether a piece adorns your man cave or vintage chic living space, it can really tie together a room. In this article we’ll share our top tips and advice for incorporating advertising mirrors and vintage enamel signs in interior design.

Enamel Signs in Interior Design: Our Top Tips 

Buying an enamel sign can certainly be a good investment. This is particularly true if you know the correct way to care for your vintage sign. Below are our top tips for using these items to decorate your home with: 

Use in Moderation

There can be no denying that a well-placed sign can really transform a room. It can help to demonstrate your passion or hobby, whether as a collector or general enthusiast. However, that doesn’t mean that they should feature everywhere in your house. Try and use them in moderation. By all means hang them in an eye-catching space on a bare wall, but don’t cover every available surface with them. The sparing use of a vintage sign can create a conversation piece you can proudly show off, whilst the over-use could make you seem a bit too enthusiastic! A vintage enamel sign could really brighten up the walls in this space.

Create a Feature Wall

This may seem like the exact opposite point of the one we just made, but if you do find that you have a lot of memorabilia surrounding one topic, you should consider making a feature wall out of it. Rather than spreading your collection to every nook and cranny of your room one central space that shows off the finest pieces in your collection could work well.

The video below shows how serious collectors will pursue all kinds of memorabilia related to their passion!

Add a Splash of Brightness

The beauty of enamel signs comes in both their variation and the bold colours that they’re available in. Adding a sign with a striking design can brighten up the neutral tones of almost any room. If you have a space that uses mainly muted colours, a vibrant read or blue will look absolutely stunning in contrast, bringing some extra life to the room. Depending on the brand or advertisement you choose, it can be a truly unique and playful way of decorating.

The vivid colours and rugged appeal of this sign make it perfect for a man cave.

Choose Your Space 

Try and tie your design to a particular theme when choosing the right vintage sign. Although they can look great almost anywhere, we find that when it comes to enamel signs in interior design, keeping a constant motif works well. For example, food-related advertising signs can work particularly well in a kitchen or dining area, whereas railwayana and automobilia items bring real character to an office or man cave. That’s not to say that other signs won’t fit in, but a carefully planned space may incorporate them better.

Decorating with Advertising Mirrors: Some Advice 

Although many types of advertising mirrors will have started life long ago hanging in a pub or shop, they’re now sought after items that can bring a unique style to your home. Here’s our advice for using them in your interior design: 

Express Your Personality 

Advertising mirrors can be a statement piece wherever you place them. The have all the vintage chic appeal you need to create a unique space and should be used to express your personality. There are so many designs available, whether you’re are beer enthusiast or chocolate lover you can proudly display your passion in an interesting way.

Chocoholics take note: This advertising mirror will look great almost anywhere in your home.

Don’t Limit Yourself

In our first point about enamel signs we mentioned that you should use them with moderation in your interior design. This remains true for advertising mirrors. However, don’t let this discourage you from trying them in new and different places in your home. You may surprise yourself how well an advertising mirror might work in any room in your house. If it’s eye-catching, interesting, and expresses your personality, you shouldn’t limit yourself and keep it out of sight. You may even fancy your house number as an enamel sign! 

Enamel Signs in Interior Design: Start Collecting Today

If you’re considering using enamel signs to decorate your home (either inside or out!) then you can more than likely come up with a good design choice. Although it may take some planning and searching for the right item, your interest and enthusiasm for the project will be enough to make it work. Contact Bowerbird Pickers today and we can help you find the perfect piece to complete your interior design project.  

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