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A retro 1970's looking orange, black and white Brooke Bond tea sign great for the kitchen, lounge, restaurant, tea house or private collector. A stunning piece and head-turner to grace any wall.

Brooke Bond Tea Sign With Chequered Border

SKU: G002

    A brilliant vibrant and quirky Brooke Bond Tea original enamel sign with the chequered black and white  border and bold orange main body. This sign is in very good condition with a few scratches and chips and has minimal rust for an older sign.


    Arthur Brooke's vision was to name a tea that would "bond" people to his brand. With a savvy idea and marketing, Brooke Bond Tea was formed in 1869 with a small tea shop in Manchester, U.K. From the success of his tea, Arthur expanded as a tea wholesaler and in 1903 Brooke Bond launched Red Label tea in India. In the late 1950's Brooke's Bond was one of the largest tea manufacturers in the world in the U.K. and India. Their most famous tea is PG Tips which you can still purchase in the UK under the Unilever company which purchased Brooke Bond Tea in 1984. 


    50 x 77 cm