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1950's rare Original British Railway Southern Region "Canterbury West" enamel totem which rarely comes up for sale.

Rare Original British Railway Southern Region Canterbury West Enamel Totem

SKU: R001

    This 1950 - 1960's UK British Railway "Canterbury West" green and white totem is collectable to any railway enthusiast or for any private collector, interior designer or man cave. Some previous restoration work has been done on this sign as shown in the photos and there is evidence of a previous wing bend which has been straightened. Still a cool sign for any collector and has been in our own private collection for years. Historically, this sign would have been displayed at the railway platform at "Canterbury West" railway station in Kent, U.K. The railway station itself opened 6 February 1846 which was just initally called "Canterbury". There were three Canterbury Stations - East,West and South. Canterbury South closed 14 June 1947 and the two remaining Canterbury stations are still in use today. These totem signs replaced the "Target" enamel signs on most railway stations after the UK railway system was nationalised in 1948. Each region had it's own definitive colour with the Southern Region being green. In spite of this signs blemishes, it is a rare sign and it has not appeared for sale for many years.


    92.5 x 25.5 cm