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Collectable early Coleman's Starch blue and white historical enamel sign late 19th Century to early 20th Century

Coleman's Starch Original Enamel Sign

SKU: G005

    An early 20th Century Coleman's Starch enamel sign which would look great in a laundry room, laundromat, grocer shop or mancave. Coleman's Starch was manufactured in the late 1800's in the U.K and in 1938 Coleman's was merged with Reckitt's to form "Reckitts and Colemans Ltd". Reckitts first Australian venture in selling household cleaning products was in 1886. Coleman's Starch was sold initially in cardboard square boxes and was awarded Prize Medals in London in 1851, 1862, Prize Medal in Dublin in 1865 and Silver Medal in Paris in 1867. The "Coleman" brand which included their Mustard, Starch and Blue cleaning products was given a special warrant by Her Majesty the Queen in the UK and endorsed to use at The Palace. A clever marketing slogan which was used in the late 1800's and early 1900's for Coleman's Starch was "Insist on using Coleman's Starch sold in cardboard boxes". Some of the smaller enamel signs which are blue and white have this slogan, but this larger sign here would have hung at a railway station or at a grocer's shop. There are some scratches on the front of the patina, but the colours of blue and white are still very good given it's early age.


     61 x 91 cm