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Head-turning vintage Fry's Chocolate Advertising Mirror in a wooden frame for all those chocolate collectors or perfect for a vintage tea/coffee shop or restaurant.

Fry's Chocolate Advertising Mirror

SKU: M001
$400.00 Regular Price
$340.00Sale Price

    Purchased in the UK and from our own collection - vintage Fry's Chocolate Advertising Mirror in a dark brown vintage wooden frame. Lettering colours red, gold, silver and black and all lettering intact and very readable. Some wear and tear scratches on mirror surface and blemish's and chips out of the frame to the front and back as one would expect. This does not though deter from it's eye catching appeal.


    Fry’s chocolate’s history started in Bristol, UK in 1753 with Joseph Fry (1728-1787) who originally trained in Apocathery and as a Doctor.  Joseph was passionate in what he believed to be the “health giving properties of cocoa”. He saw Cocoa as a nutritious alternative to alcohol at that time and started to produce a cocoa health drink. After his death, the business was taken over by his wife Anna and their son Joseph Storrs Fry (1769-1835). Significant changes and innovations were made to the business and in 1822, J.S. Fry & Sons was formed.  Their greatest innovation was to develop “the chocolate bar” which transformed the drink into a portable “healthy” snack. In 1919 Fry’s merged with Cadbury’s and by the year 1981, the name “Fry” ceased to be used. 2011 saw the acquisition of Cadbury’s by Kraft who closed the old Fry’s factory at Keynsham in the UK.


    50.8 cm x 60.96 cm