RARE Fry's Pure Breakfast Pictorial Enamel Cocoa sign - a chocolate lover's delight

Fry's Pure Breakfast Cocoa Original Pictorial Enamel Sign

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    Rare Fry's Pure Breakfast Cocoa original pictorial enamel sign circa early 20th Century. The blue, red and yellow colours on this sign are very vivid and for the chocolate collector definitely on the "wish list" for collecting. 


    Fry’s chocolate’s history started in Bristol, UK in 1753 with Joseph Fry (1728-1787) who originally trained in Apocathery and as a Doctor. Joseph was passionate in what he believed to be the “health giving properties of cocoa”. He saw Cocoa as a nutritious alternative to alcohol at that time and started to produce a cocoa health drink. After his death, the business was taken over by his wife Anna and their son Joseph Storrs Fry (1769-1835). Significant changes and innovations were made to the business and in 1822, J.S. Fry & Sons was formed. Their greatest innovation was to develop “the chocolate bar” which transformed the drink into a portable “healthy” snack. In 1919 Fry’s merged with Cadbury’s and by the year 1981, the name “Fry” ceased to be used. The year 2011 saw the acquisition of Cadbury’s by Kraft who closed the old Fry’s factory at Keynsham in the UK.


    61 x 91 cm