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Collectible 20th Century Wills Gold Flake Cigarette Mirror in wooden frame ready to hang for cigarette collectors, or ideal for a pub or restaurant.

Wills Gold Flake Advertising Mirror With Wooden Frame

SKU: M002

    This Wills Gold Flake Advertising Cigarette Mirror is in a solid wood oak frame and ready to hang. There are two small 5 cent piece size areas where the mirror is missing, but otherwise still in excellent condition for its age. An estimate on age would be at least the 20th Century and will grace even the most discerning buyer's walls with lifelong joy and pleasure! Even if you are not a cigarette collector - don't let this mirror go!  


    In 1830 W.D. and H.O. Wills cigarette company was formed in Bristol, England, with "Three Castles and Gold Flake" being developed and manufactured in 1878 and "Woodbine" ten years later. "Gold Flake" is not a brand, nor company but refers to cigarettes using rich gold flake tobacco. In 1900 a subsidary in Australia was founded by Henry Herbert Wills which was named "W.D. & H.O. Wills (Australia) Ltd.”  


    55 x 69 cm