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Do you want an easier shave? Ingram Shaving Cream original Showcard for sale immaculate condition and will have you grabbing your razor!

Ingram Shaving Cream Original Showcard


    Here we have an Ingram having cream original Showcard in excellent condition with it's original backing skirt. The colours and graphics of this mid 20th Century Showcard are pictorially stunning and this Showcard would look brilliant as an interior decor piece in a bathroom framed in a white or black frame, or in a barber shop, retail store, or for a Showcard collector.


    "Ingram" Shaving Cream still exists today and was manufactured by the Lornamead Group in the UK which has now been taken over in 2011 by the Li and Fung Group. Ingram's slogan "It's menthol cool; it's concentrated; it's smooth" in the 1940 - 1960's has stood the test of time and now on new packaging claims "containing Menthol which stimulates the beard making it easier to cut and leaves your face feeling cool, smooth and refreshed!"


    27 x 36 cm