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Eye-catching and highly collectable Melox Dog Food original enamel with great colours and gloss for a sign of this age. Wear commensurate with age, rust marks bottom right hand corner, fixing holes and edging as one would expect. Graphics and writing intact and readable - a perfect sign for doglovers, first time collector or any discerning buyer.

Melox Dog Food Vintage Enamel Sign

SKU: AA002
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$990.00Sale Price

    In 1893, when two businessmen joined companies, Messrs Ralph and Jordan became one of the more famous enamel signmakers based in Bilston, England. They commenced manufacturing enamel tea, chocolate, ink, cycle, alcohol, cigarette and general grocery signs. In 1924 their name changed to J.A. Jordan & Sons Ltd. At the end of the last Century, as a marketing gimmick, Melox Dog food was endorsed by the statement "Every Happy Family Owns a Happy Dog if Fed on Melox and Mixed Marvel". The wire haired terrier became symbolic for Melox as their 'branding' for Dog Food. Playing cards picturing different dogs were even made and used for advertising in the early 1900's.


    This Melox sign's age therefore is approximately around the early 1900 era and certainly pictorially and graphically the sign has held well for its age. There is the usual rust, holes, scratches and blemishes as one would expect from an older sign but a very fine example for any dog lover, Melox collector and any discerning buyer.


    66 x 46 cm