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Rare "Joseph Watson and Co" original late 19th Century to early 20th Century "Nubolic Soap" Sign. Nubolic rivalled Sunlight soap in its heyday.

Original Use Nubolic Disinfectant Soap Enamel Sign

SKU: G003

    A "cutie" of an original late 1800's to early 20th Century grocery enamel "Use Nubolic Disinfectant Soap" sign. As you can see from patina, some scratches, fading, rust and holes as one can imagine this sign being hung outside of an old time Grocers Shop. Joseph Watson and Son manufactured Nubolic Disinfectant Soap, together with Matchless Cleanser, Sparkla polishing soap, Venus toilet soap and Bumpo soap powder in the late 1800's to the 1940's. Watson and Son became so widely known that they rivalled "Lever and Sons - Sunlight Soap manufacturers" in the United Kingdom in the late 1800's to early 1900's. A merger evolved in the early 1900's between the two companies but not long after, Watson sold all his shares to Lever, but retained his chairman position. Watson died at an early age of 49 in 1922 of a heart attack. We have never seen one of these signs before and it's rarity for all soap collectors, enamel sign collectors would be certainly a "must have" sign.


    47 x 19.5 cm