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Vivid blue and gold Cigarette enamel Ogden's St Bruno Flake sign. Don't let this sign go up in smoke! Strike your match quick to secure this stunning vintage piece.

Ogden's St. Bruno Flake Sign

SKU: T003

    Vibrant blue, gold and red lettering on this original Ogden's St Bruno Flake cigarette enamel sign. Early 20th Century tobaccioana collectable which would compliment any present collection or room. A wonderful piece for as a feature in a lounge or commercial premises. 


    "Ogden" is the cigarette manufacturer and St Bruno Flake is the brand of tobacco. Thomas Ogden founded the Ogden Tobacco Company in a small shop around 1860 in Liverpool, U.K. Some 30 years later, St Bruno Flake was developed and purportedly was the tobacco blend "not for the faint hearted!" Stories have been reported of people "squirrelling" away and stockpiling their St Bruno blend in cellars, so not to run out. The Ogden brand was so successful for Thomas that he opened after 5-6 years he was able to open several other stores and also his own tobacco factory, which eventually closed in March 2007. 


    51 x 69 cm