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Owbridges Lung Tonic original chemist/pharmacy vintage enamel sign - a talking point for a Doctor's office/medical centre, chemist or for a private collection.

Owbridge's Lung Tonic Original Enamel Sign

SKU: CP002

    An old original Pharmacy enamel sign “Owbridges Lung Tonic”. The weathered patina includes scratches, rust and fading, but is still a collectable in its own right. 


    Owbridges Lung Tonic was developed by a Walter Oxbridge in Hull in 1874. It’s advertising gimmick was “It never fails” with claims to cure asthma, TB and all bronchial ailments. The tonic formula was a secret, but some claimed it had chloroform, honey and wine as some of the ingredients! The Owbridge family believed in spending a vast amount on advertising - enamel signs, newspaper ads, billboards - against their competitor Reckitts. The “special” lung tonic was still being made by Owbridges up until 1969 when the company was then sold to a Dutch Pharmaceutical Company. Only 3 years later the company wound up, sold the factory for redevelopment and “the never failing” lung tonic came to an end.


    45.7 x 61 cm