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Original eye catching Prices Motorine Oils enamel era 1905 - 1960's. Superb gloss and shine to this enamel - would highlight any mancave.

Price's Motor Oils Original Red and Blue Enamel Sign

SKU: PM001

    Great gloss and shine with very few scratches on this Petrol Motor Oils original enamel. As per photo some missing edging and rust, but certainly an eye catcher for any mancave.


    In 1905, Prices Motorine Oil was developed by the Price Candle company. For the first three decades of the 20th century, Motorine Oil was a popular lubricant for both vehicles and motorcycles. In 1906, Rolls Royce used Prices Motorine lubricant in all of their new engines. In 1934, advertising claimed Motorine "urged every motor to run faster, accelerate quicker and last longer". Besides Rolls Royce, Motorine became the "official" oil for the Bentley car, Alpha Romeo, Austin, Morris and Singer.


    This sign, although not your usual "Castrol, Mobile, Caltex, Texaco" brand - is still in its own right historically a "petrol" collectable for any mancave, mechanic workshop, bar or home. 


    63.5 x 53.5 cm