Round Spiller's "Shapes for all dogs"  vintage sign which would look amazing adorning a  mancave, Veterinary Clinic or Produce Store.

Spillers Shapes For All Dogs Vintage Sign

SKU: AA004

    Unusual round Spillers Shapes agricultural sign, white background with red lettering. This old vintage sign does have quite a few scratches, fading and rust on patina that one would see from an old weathered sign. Spiller's are highly sought after in the collecting industry and to get a round sign is rare. One would usually see a rectangular or square version of these signs and it is nice to see a different variety in this brand. 


    Spiller's had their own grocery line of dog food and was the main competitor to "Spratt's" in the late 1800's to mid 1900's. Joel Spiller in 1829 founded a flour milling business in Bridgewater, UK which he ran until his death in 1853. Having no sons to take over the Spiller business, Margaret and their three daughters took reins of the Spiller empire. Unfortunately, Margaret died 7 years later and their cousin (also called Joel Spiller) took over the business. The business was based in Cardiff in 1859 and they manufactured biscuits for ships' biscuits, as well as they then started their dog biscuit line. 


    Their slogans used to market their dog food line were "Spillers Shapes for all Dogs" which was used to market a coloured dog biscuit in 1907. In 1927 they developed a new dog biscuit called "Winalot" whereby enamel signs from that time advertising these biscuits usually have a dark green background with either yellow or white lettering. These "Winalot" enamels are also very sought after in the sign collecting industry. In 1960, Spiller's acquired Spratt's and in 1997 the pet food side of Spiller's was sold to Nestle and Purina still sells Winalot dog food in the UK.


    46 cm diameter