Bowerbird Pickers are always buying and sourcing enamel and tin signs, advertising mirrors, showcards, original posters and interesting packaging memorabilia from local, interstate and overseas sources. 

We are happy to view items if you live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and will offer a fair price subject to us being able to resell. This price is dependant upon the quality, rarity, age, patina and item location.


Please note that no valuations for insurance purposes will be given by Bowerbird Pickers as we are not registered valuers.

Categories we are looking to buy are tea, coffee, petrol, cigar, agriculture enamel signs, original Australian tin and showcards and original posters.

If you have any original, authentic advertising memorabilia you are wanting to sell then:


          Email us at or via the link on this page, with a description of your goods, dimensions, history, where purchased, together with a desired price. We would also require current, clear photos and a video which shows different angles and closeups including any blemishes, scratches, restoration work, distortions. For overseas sellers, we can Facetime or Skype for consultations on any items you are selling.

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