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Customer Testimonials

Matt, the proud owner of a Castrol Wakefield Motor Oil sign.
Very rare original Cocks Sole Leather enamel sign.

Stoked about my new sign, thanks Bowerbird Pickers. Great doing business.❞ 
- Louis, UK, June 2017

Very happy with the sign and service.

- Michael, Australia, September 2017

Aspro Tablets tin sign sold to Michael.
Prime collectible Virol Sign bought from Carl.

A pleasure to do business with. Here's to much more! - Carl W., UK, April 2017

Wow, these guys are some of the best. Their professionalism and personality is second to none. You can see it is a family run business and I could not recommend them highly enough.

- Clinton E, Australia, July 2017

Colin and Veronica with Clinton from McGrath after their renovation project success.

Great service, quick postage and item was just as they described. Love my new petrol ashtray. Thanks Bowerbird Pickers.. 
- Wayne, Australia, May 2017

Unique Olympic Tyres ashtray.

Love my Lyons Tea Sign. 

- Jane, Australia, December 2017

A very Happy Christmas for Jane with her Lyons’ Tea sign.

Great buy from Bowerbird Pickers just trying to work out which wall to go on! Would recommend this business and Veronica provided wonderful service.❞ - Matt, Australia, January 2018

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