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Caring for your enamel sign is really dependant upon the location of where you decide you wish to display your sign. Some customers prefer to display their signs outdoors to the weather, others prefer to display them inside their home, office, garage or man cave.  


Displaying your enamel sign outdoors amongst the "elements" will over time, affect the patina and shine of your sign. If you are happy to have the rain, hail and wind bear down on your sign (as they would have many years ago on the sides of buildings), then this will in time decrease its value and condition.


We at Bowerbird Pickers prefer to keep our enamel signs indoors out of the weathering elements where we can see them all around us, knowing that our signs are not getting battered by our winds up here.


The signs we have hanging around our home, Colin has placed on a wooden backing board with brass screws and brass wire to hang around our house. The backing board helps to keep the sign straight and not bend on hanging. We can certainly do this for clients too if you wish, at an additional cost, so that your sign is ready to hang with pride and joy around your home.


When a sign comes into our store, we clean it from all grime with an organic cleaner which does not harm the enamel and the rust areas are treated and signs are polished. The degree of polishing is dependant upon the original sign surface, scratches, rust and patina.


Please be careful if you decide to polish your sign or wish any restoration work to be done. It is always best to seek professional restoration advice rather than tackling this on your own.  

Enamel Sign Care

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